What Makes Backlinks So Important?

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15th February 2019
Advertising Your Website The Smart Way
30th October 2019

What Makes Backlinks So Important?

Its often when companies and new businesses invest large sums of money in creating very interesting and top heavy websites rich in content and products. Nevertheless, sales don't land on their doorsteps and no visitors ever visit that site. At first it may seem like a complete waste of time and funds that could have been diverted elsewhere. However, it's important to remember that in order to reach your client base, one must invest in advertising the product and create awareness and consumer need.

The most obvious choice and the easiest to fall into is paid advertising which can be very expensive and not beneficial in the long term for a number of reasons which I would like to mention two. Firstly, by using paid advertising long term, one does not get to communicate directly with the customer base. rather , it is more like watching a fishbowl trying to grab the attention of a fish swimming by. The second reason is financial, the cost of paid ads can only increase in time which cuts into the product profitability which we are trying to promote. More to it and especially with new business or products, since you don’t have previous background in this particular field, one do end up paying over the top for advertising. It's much harder to tune an advertising campaign when you are not sure who is your customer base yet.

By all means a business should put aside a budget for paid ads but at the same time one should continue to enrich his knowledge of organic advertising. The latter indeed can be slower to pickup but long term it should benefit you in terms of sales, customer interaction and a building block of knowledge which can be applied to future services and products.

One such methods is registration of your business with a business directory such as localtips.net , these guys let you list your business details for free and provide you are located in either the UK, USA or Canada. Once your business is approved and you have entered the details of your website, their system will create a BACKLINK to your website. Try registering your business in a number of sites that would allow you a backlink to your website. Backlinks are an easy way to create traffic going back to your domain at no extra cost.

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