General Winter Electricity Usage Advice

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30th October 2019

General Winter Electricity Usage Advice

Now that winter is upon us and the nightfall early as four o’clock, the demands for extra lightning and electricity is higher. Also, most days, especially in December, are so dark that most people find it necessary to lite up their houses throughout the day. That extra workload on the electricity system can cause problems and most are caused by failing to understand the system’s limitation and simple safety rules.

Nowadays when most houses have been fitted with modern fuseboxes we find that the system will protect the user from potential risks however, most can be avoided with little effort and understanding. Only two weeks ago, while preparing my kitchen we lost power in the sockets. Initially, I was not sure what is the problem and tried to lift the fuse again. It turned out that our water urn who served us loyally for several years is causing the problem, we disconnected it immediately and looked for an alternative. It has being known for people to try to ‘fix’ electrical gadgets with minimum experience and knowledge. I witnessed a house owner who dealt with the gas issue in some original way. I came into a house in Golders Green, London with a very strong smell of gas, the house owner was aware of the leak and knew where it came from. He assured me that all is well and he amended it by surrounding the leaking gas pipe with gaffa tape.

So rule one, don’t try to fix things which one know nothing about the way it works. The second most important rule is don’t overload the system by connecting an endless amount of heaters and other units to one single socket, rather spread the load by using all the sockets available. Further, do not cover electrical heater with wet cloths, its not a dryer. Try to minimise the risk of electrical faults by following the instruction attached to any new device.

Rule three, do not try to ‘fix’ devices which you do not know the way it works, rather call for professional help or avoid using the offending unit.

This advice was given by NW Electrical based in Hendon and covering most areas of North West London.

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